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Make an investment in Dieppe!

Are you currently a tenant and would you like to invest in your future? Is your business growing and you no longer have space to expand in your current building?

Expansion Dieppe can help you!

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Set up your business in Dieppe!

Looking for the ideal place to set up your business so you can serve the local population or even Atlantic Canada? Access to a dynamic and skilled workforce, the lowest costs for running a business in Canada and proximity to global markets are just a few of the benefits. You found the right place! Dieppe is the best place to make your next investment and grow your business.

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The advantages of consulting with our experts

  • All our bilingual services are offered at no cost, with complete confidentiality and discretion.
  • Working with us will save you time and money.
  • We have serviced lots at excellent prices.
  • We make the steps involved in your business projects easier and more efficient.
  • Working with us allows you to take a more strategic approach and be more efficient, therefore more profitable.

Land for sale and space for lease

Looking for the ideal place to set up your business? Expansion Dieppe has serviced lots for sale in three strategic areas of the city: the downtown core, the Dieppe Industrial Park, and the Business and Technology Park.
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Strategic Location

An economic and financial advantage
An economic and financial advantage
  • Best place to do business and live in Canada
  • Location in Canada where real estate is most affordable
  • Low cost of doing business
  • One of the lowest tax rates in Atlantic Canada
MACC Commercial Properties owns a number of buildings in Dieppe, as the city offers many benefits for real estate developers, such as proximity to the airport and access for students to CCNB and Université de Moncton, which have excellent business and engineering programs. In addition, there are many excellent construction companies in the area, and Expansion Dieppe employees are very effective in making development easy and straightforward. Lastly, Dieppe has a growing bilingual, skilled population with a good work ethic, which encourages economic growth.
Mario Caissie