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Dieppe is the perfect location for your business! It all starts here. Whether it is to start, grow or even invest in Dieppe, we can help make your project a reality.
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Expansion Dieppe is at your service if you want to start, grow or even invest in Dieppe. Our experts are here to help you.
  •   Help you navigate the business and government ecosystem
  •   Connect you with strategic partners and resources
  •   Find the perfect place for your business
  •   Offer you a serviced lot
  •   Provide access to relevant information and statistics for your success
  •   Celebrate the success of entrepreneurs and businesses in our magnificent city
  •   Promote new businesses in Dieppe

Strategic Location

Freight and logistics companies
Freight and logistics companies
  • Altimax
  • FedEx
  • Midland 
  • Purolator
  • UPS

Upcoming events

Connect with Dieppe’s business community and stay informed of upcoming events!

The Banquet Expansion Dieppe is the must-attend annual event for the business community. It showcases the achievements of local businesses, and recognizes the hard work and dedication of the people who contribute to their success.

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