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Municipal Taxes

According to the 2012 KPMG Competitive Advantage Report, the Greater Moncton region including Dieppe, boasts among the lowest business costs in Canada and the Northeastern United States. The City's tax rate per $100 evaluation is among the lowest in Atlantic Canada and is the second lowest among New Brunswick's cities.


Municipal Tax Rate (Per $100 assessment)


Taux / Rate

Fredericton 1,4211
Dieppe 1,5845 
Edmundston 1,6350
Moncton 1,6393
Miramichi 1,7299
Campbellton 1,7504
Bathurst 1,7550
Saint-John 1,7850


Service New Brunswick is responsible for establishing annual property assessments. The Province of New Brunswick's Department of Finance is responsible for billing and collecting all property taxes, including municipal property taxes, which are then remitted to the municipalities.

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