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About Us

Expansion Dieppe is the City of Dieppe’s land development agency. Its goal is to ensure that land development in Dieppe occurs in a timely and efficient manner by providing vital information, seeking partnerships and acting as a facilitator for property development and investments through advice, expertise, support and strategic site data.

We put our professional team’s expert knowledge to work for local and outside developers by supporting them in their decision-making process.

As a value-added partner, Expansion Dieppe also collaborates with an extensive network of regulatory and economic development stakeholders and agencies to benefit the local and regional economy.

Some of the services and benefits we provide:

Expansion Dieppe’s team works diligently to cultivate and promote a successful business climate in Dieppe. We are often called upon by decision-makers for our expertise in how to make commercial real estate development in Dieppe move ahead as strategically and efficiently as possible. We value Dieppe’s business climate and work closely every day with decision-makers to ensure they have the information they need to ensure a robust and healthy economy in the city.

Expansion Dieppe fosters an atmosphere of trust, discussion and networking between developers, property owners and clients. We seek to ensure that all parties work together through the development process. As your strategic partner in your site-selection process, we will be at your service to do what can to bring your development project to fruition and make Dieppe your new home.

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